Training is only the first step to success with MBSE. Whether your organization is in the early stages of adopting a model based engineering approach or is managing a rapidly expanding model library, we are here to solve problems and help you succeed.

Our consulting services ensure that your project and organization realizes tangible, significant benefits from your modeling process on a daily basis.

Each project is unique, but there are several ways we can get involved.

Launch Your Project

1 week

Get expert guidance to start your MBSE project on the right path.

This week is dedicated to learning about your project and then laying out a pragmatic plan consisting of an initial domain chart (overall architecture), where to best focus the modeling effort initially, a plan for getting from models to code, an assessment of the tools and processes necessary to get going in the right direction, a list of priority tasks and immediate deliverables and much more.

This is an excellent opportunity to get started quickly and avoid distractions and bad practices at the beginning.

Review Your Project

1-2 weeks

Solve problems and get the most out of your models.

Even the best teams will run into trouble and develop questions after creating lots of models. There may be conflicting views on how the work should progress. What should be modeled? What shouldn't be? To what level of detail? How should the big pieces come together to establish a clear path to code and deliver a complete and correct system? Should parts of the system be hand-coded? What parts? How should certain features in the target platform be incorporated?

We resolve questions like these all the time and can help your teams get the right answers so that they don't get bogged down.

Leon Starr will meet with team members and review your plan, models and domains looking for trouble spots and produce a detailed assessment with practical recommendations.

This is valuable sanity check on your project that can help you save a lot of time, increase productivity and ensure that your models make a difference.