Leon Starr


Leon Starr

Cover letter for prospective employers:

Hi, my name is Leon Starr and I'm ready to add my 30 years of software development experience to your team to ensure the success of  your embedded and distributed applications.  Here's what I can do:

Programming ( C, Python, Objective-C, PostgreSQL and PL/SQL, Go, C++, etc )

I am first and foremost a developer.  Writing reliable and efficient production code is always the main point.  I use Python to process, translate, generate and otherwise manage the deployed code.  The production code is generally written in C.  But I am happy to code in whatever programming and/or database language you like.  With a strong background in object-orientation, functional styles, relational theory and concurrent state behavior, I can comfortably transition between languages and idioms as needed. 

Requirements Analysis and Modeling

This is my primary skill.  I know how to interview diverse, highly technical subject matter experts (scientists, medical experts, aviation / mechanical / hardware engineers, etc ) to produce detailed and typically fully executable system specifications.  These specifications can be hand coded, but I like to save time and use automation to deploy design patterns rapidly and consistently where there is a practical advantage.

Database Design ( PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle )

I've got a lot of experience designing data schemas and have written entire backend desktop/web applications with stored procedures.

Domain Specific Language Design and Code Generation

I can identify and formalize the unique vocabulary and building blocks of your subject matter so that you can specify your application quickly without (in some cases) even having to write any code.  Vehicle network example:  A  protocol engine that can be configured to manage a variety of avionics / vehicle protocols instead of hand coding each protocol individually.  Medical pacing example: A cyclic time - interrupt engine that can be configured to run any cardiac pacing mode rather than hand coding a solution for each mode.

Documentation / Presentation

Whether programming, creating system specifications or sorting out complex technical issues, I've found that good clear writing and technical illustration skills are indispensable.  Not just for documentation, but often to reach consensus among diverse engineers.  I have published several books, presentations and flash animations.

Mentoring / Training

In addition to my own work, I have spent many hours training less experienced engineers on the job with one-on-one interaction, classroom training and publications.

Travel / Je parle français (mais je veux apprendre en plus)

I am happy to travel, especially on the US west coast,  Europe, the UK, Scandinavia and Japan. Any combination of on-site, web conferencing and telecommuting that gets the job done is fine with me.

I am happy to consider short term contracts, contract to hire and full-time employment.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area but am happy to travel as necessary.  Feel free to call or email using the contact info in my resume to discuss further or arrange an interview.

- Leon Starr